Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poop de perritos and lesbian botanical gardens

Oh man, so I am FINALLY posting on here from beautiful Buenos Aires.

So far I have-
held small adorable puppies that were called present puppies on the cardboard box they were in

had the best dinner of my life with Anna, steak that was as tender as one could imagine with potatoes with stone ground mustard in them, pumpkin, a creamed spinach mixture, a little bowl of garlic and small onions and quail eggs. with as Anna describes a (fluffy salad)

walked in the creepy recoleta cemetary and I looked into this one that was all borded up with stone and concrete because it was ancient and I propped myself to look in and saw the remains of a baby...bones, but still creepy. But, I mean, what was I expeting looking in there. We also saw the Evita tomb and went to the museum on her, which was mostly comprised of things she had worn, which were amazing and I think Anna wanted all of them for herself.

Everytime we walk around here someone tells us that we are beautiful or that they want to take us home. ah, the joys of being a woman.

The sidwalks are tiny as hell here, and walking across the street is a minor heart attack for me. there are hardly and places with lights to tell you when to cross, although we find Argentian moving buddies and when they go we go.

The toliets in the hostel have the chord that you pull which makes me excited because they sound light giant bears growling when you flush them.

I think everyone here loves to wear flip flops and stomp around for pure pleasure.

I have grown to LOVE empanadas and helado so much more here, we eat both at least once a day.

We also went to the market yesterday and I wanted to buy everything there, but instead just bought things as presents for people.

I also have found that when you go to any of the outdoor markets you must have the sugar coated peanuts. Sort of like toffee peanuts but cheaper and warmer, and WAY better, oh and fresh sqeezed oj. nom nom nom!

We also went to the pink house and at night they actually put hot pink lights directed at it, it looks amazing. I actually light this town better at night, it is less noisy and even though the trash is picked up at night and you see people going through it for cans and bottles to recycle, it is cooler tempeture wise, and I do not feel like I am going to get run over every second.

Oh, in the cemetary and the bonaical gardens, where seemigly all the lesbians hang out at, there are cats. Scruffy bird fed cats. I love them all. The gardens had beautiful flowers, statues of naked ladies, and cats, and water lily ponds in the shape of vaginas....lesbian heaven. ha.

Also, the women here, love ugly floral blouses with ugly gaudy jewlerly to go with it. And the guys have mullets or rat tails. ew! 

I know that there is more I should post but I have seen so much in the last few days I think I should make a vlog instead.

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